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Partnering with PSG 

Get in the Game

Are you opening a new Establishment or Gaming Café and are seeking the fastest and easiest solution to generate nearly expense free revenue with a partner who is proven, trusted, and loyal?

Are you a current player in the Illinois Video Gaming market and feel your current Terminal Operator doesn’t fit your needs and give you all they can? 

Have you heard the buzz about the industry’s most cutting edge and rewarding Sweepstakes App, Red Carpet Rewards, and would like to feature it at your business?

Do you simply want to make more money? Call us today! As the nation’s largest regional casino operator with the reputation of Best in Town across Illinois, the future is bright!  We treat your business with the same dedication and focus we give to our own.  We believe in a true partnership.

We’re so confident we’ll earn you more revenue we even put it in our Location Agreements!

Becoming a partner with Prairie State Gaming is easy. Fill out the Contact Us form and we will get to work for you:

• Dedicated Account Manager
• Gaming Area Analysis
• 24/7/365 Customer Service
• Red Carpet Rewards Sweepstakes App
• Custom Marketing Solutions
• 99.5% Up-time
• Top-of-the-Line Amusements
• Constant Game Upgrades
• Nation’s Strongest Buying Power

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Best in Town

From the General Manager

Our number one priority is to repay the faith you have in Prairie State Gaming (“PSG”) by selecting us as your Terminal Operator. I view our relationship as a partnership, and the success of your business is of paramount concern. You have my word that PSG is committed to helping your business in every way possible.

We have structured our company so that you always have a dedicated resource. That means having somebody local; a member of the community as your business partner who knows you and understands your needs and what it takes to succeed. Many of our competitors view this business as a logistical operation with each account simply being a stop along the way. Our relationship is built with the mutual goal of maximizing our joint revenue and building a long-term relationship.

At PSG, we understand that for many small business owners it’s not just a job, it’s much, much more. As a former business owner, I understand the hardships and issues that can come with owning a business. Our dedicated Account Manager is there to assist and help you in any way that we can.

We have a proven track record of earning more for our valuable customers and I am proud of the dedicated team of talented individuals that we have assembled to meet your needs. We look forward to treating your business with the same care and attention we give to our own, because at the end of the day, we are in this together. As the General Manager of Prairie State Gaming you have my promise that we will do our best for you and yours.

I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Chris Schink
General Manager, Prairie State Gaming
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